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Were you looking for Museo de Arte Popular? "MAP" also stands for the name of this museum of folk art in Mexico City. Find their official website on our unofficial information page.

If you are travelling to America or just want to learn more about the United States, we recommend this website for a map of America.

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A good Spanish language jobs site for Jobs in Mexico is www.empleos.org.mx  See also www.empleos.com.es for jobs in Spain and www.trabajos.com.ec for jobs in Ecuador

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Interactive map of Mexico

This interactive map of Mexico (courtesy of Google Maps) shows a huge amount of detail of Mexico. You can zoom in for maps of cities, towns, or even individual properties. Switch the map to satellite view and see physical features such as bridges, buildings and famous landmarks. For a larger map, click the "view larger map" link below the image. And best of all you can search the map, to show addresses and other searchable information like real estate listings and local businesses.

And here is an early map of Mexico from the year 1562